Sarah Millfelt Director 612.339.8007 x302
Amanda Dobbratz Digital and Marketing Manager 612.339.8007 x315
Jessie Fan Accountant 612.339.8007 x318
Jennifer Tatsuda Business Manager 612.339.8007 x306


Pat Barnick Building Maintenance Technician 612.339.8007
Heather Barr Education Technician and Resident Artist 612.339.8007 x308
Alison Beech Education and Outreach Coordinator 612.339.8007 x313
Jill Foote-Hutton Director of Learning and Engagement 612.339.8007 x314
Robert Lieder Outreach and Studio Technician 612.339.8007 x307
Audra Smith Studio Manager 612.339.8007 x308


Tippy Maurant Galleries and Special Events Director 612.339.8007 x304
Alexa McAdams Sales Gallery and Special Events Coordinator 612.339.8007 x300
Brady McLearen Exhibitions Assistant 612.339.8007 x305
Emily Pelton Sales Gallery, Marketng, and Exhibitions Associate 612.339.8007 x300
Andrew Rivera Sales Gallery and Education Associate 612.339.8007 x300