Visiting McKnight Resident Artist: Forrest Lesch-Middelton


NCC’s Spring McKnight Resident Artist is Forrest Lesch-Middelton. He joins us from his home studio, “Origins Tile,” in Petaluma, CA. You may recognize his work from an extensive national exhibition and publication record (as well as past APFs and NCC gallery representation). Always a teacher, Lesch-Middelton has been active on the craft workshop circuit since 1997 and most recently completed a Visiting Professor position at Sonoma State University in 2016.

His “volumetric image transfer” process has become a classic standard on the contemporary ceramic scene, celebrated in The New York TimesArchitectural Digest, and Sunset Magazine. In 2014, Ceramics Monthly chose him as “The Ceramic Artist of the Year” and in 2015, he was awarded a Creative Workfund grant for his collaborative work with Iranian born calligraphy artist Arash Shirinbab. NCC is grateful to the McKnight Foundation for securing our ability to continue sharing the work of renowned artists with our community. We look forward to working alongside Lesch-Middelton’s demonstrated professionalism, observing his creative investigations, and hearing engaged dialogue throughout the studios during his stay.

He is a maker who values and promotes the transferable skills that craft inherently develops: “I value a strong work ethic, diversity of thought, and the resolve needed to be successful within the field. I question what it means to make a living in the arts. I cultivate each student to define his or her version of success. Study in the arts leads to a richer aesthetic and ability, and it is also important to remember that it leads to success in many other realms.”

Please join us in welcoming him from April through June.

This program is sponsored by the McKnight Foundation and reflects the Foundation’s interest in supporting outstanding individual ceramic artists who have already proven their abilities, and are at a career stage that is beyond emerging.


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: Spring
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