Community Member Profile: David East

What is your relationship to NCC?
NCC is part of my ceramic “family tree.” In my time as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls, it was a destination, a resource that expanded my understanding of the field and my professional network. I came back multiple times while in graduate school to be present at important events and exhibitions at NCC. When I was a McKnight Resident, NCC served as a community and provided the time for a significant investment in new research, artworks, and expanded opportunities. This part of my family tree is incredibly important, personally, and professionally.

What does NCC mean to you?
NCC is a vital community and resource that continues to make critical contributions to ceramic art nationally and internationally. From its diverse exhibitions, residency program, opportunities for young artists, and as an education center for those who are getting involved in ceramics for the first time, NCC’s contributions are far reaching. On a personal and professional level, the Center has meant a great deal to my career and me. 


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