Andrew Gilliatt earned an MFA in ceramics in 2011 from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, and a BFA in graphic design from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, in 2003. This past year Gilliatt’s ceramics have been exhibited nationwide in shows from Florida to Washington. On the subject of consumerism, Gilliatt says, “I am fascinated [with] how we personalize and define ourselves through the objects we use and accumulate…. I am interested in the phenomenon of how we look and shop for objects. Once the requirements of fit, occasion, and agency have all been established (a size 11 running shoe that wears comfortably, for example), to what degree are we further attracted to the point of purchase? Is it the pattern of the shirt, the cut of the dress, or the color of the shoe that makes us want to own that object, or is it simply a matter of cost and convenience?”