Del Harrow received his MFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and a BS from the University of Oregon, Eugene. He is currently Assistant Professor of Art at Colorado State University, at Fort Collins. He has shown his work both nationally and internationally, most recently in the solo exhibition Machine Botany at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, and at the Denver Art Museum exhibition Overthrown, in Denver, Colorado; in 2009 he was identified as an NCECA Emerging Artist. Of using technology in combination with process, Harrow says, “Individual objects emerge from a confluence of form, material, and process. Many sculptures begin as digital models—employing computer software as a tool for generating abstract form. As material culture, an object’s subtle textures and marks contain and reveal information about methods of fabrication—manual or mechanized production—and by extension the scale of economy, culture, and the object’s meaning within it.