Long Island City, New York

New York City design studio KleinReid stands at the forefront of porcelain design. The firm's founders James Klein and David Reid began collaborating in 1993. Their studio is renown for its elegant forms; dense, translucent porcelain; artisanal glazes; and fine “from scratch” craftsmanship. In 1999 the duo approached one of its heroes, design legend Eva Zeisel, with a proposal to collaborate. Their work together over the next twelve years spawned a treasured friendship and the “Eva” line, a collection of over twenty sensual designs produced exclusively by KleinReid. James and David herald more than 15 years of collaboration; a shared personal vision to create objects they love and have fun doing it. Each new collection elegantly conveys goals that have remained consistent since KleinReid's inception: thoughtful design, fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty.