Linda Swanson is a resident of Montreal, Canada, where she is an Assistant Professor at Concordia University. She has lectured extensively in the United States and Canada, and holds numerous honors, most recently receiving the 2013 NCECA Emerging Artist Award. She received a BFA from California State University, Long Beach, and an MFA from New York State College of Art at Alfred University, but also spent four years of study at the Tekisui Museum Workshop in Ashiya, Japan. Linda says of her work’s relation to nature, “I set up solutions of raw clay and glaze materials to change states, evolving over time at ambient temperatures. In the kiln, I melt clay and crystalline glaze to points of extreme tension, which then releases itself through deformations in cooling. As ‘landscapes’ of light and materiality, they allow us to contemplate the idea of the natural and our relationship to it in an intimate way.”