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Open Studio Schedule

See the drop-down at the bottom of this page for Open Studio Schedule PDFs posted each week.

Minimum Age Requirements

Only students ages 18 and up are eligible to register for NCC’s adult classes.


Standard tool kits for introductory classes are available in NCC’s Sales Gallery for $25 plus tax. Other specialty tools are available as well.

Bisque Cycle Dates – SUMMER

There will be no chalking this time around. Final date for throwing/wet work is the fourth week of your respective class, August 17 - 22; all work must be ON THE CART to be bisqued by the end of your fourth class date, no exceptions.

Open Studio

To help us regulate the number of people in our facilities at any given time and keep our studios as safe as possible, students MUST sign up online in advance for access to Open Studio. Open Studio will occur weekday evenings from 4:30 - 9 pm and Saturday & Sunday (times will vary) when studio space is available; there will be a limit of 8 people per studio. We thank you for your understanding of our adjustments and cooperation in this effort and hope it allows you to feel safe as you return and create at NCC. To access the sign up form via Sign Up Genius, please visit this link:; You will be able to sign up for 2 - 3 hour time slots in a given studio, and there will be 2 weeks available for sign up at a time. To sign up for your time slot in a studio, please select the option and make sure you ONLY SELECT A QUANTITY OF 1; selecting more will not give you more time, it will only take a spot away from someone else. Please only sign up for time that you will use so that there is room for all, this would look like a max of 3-4 time slots a week. Thank you for your support!

Important NCC Update 11.29.20

In light of Executive Order 20-99 that will take effect on Friday, November 20 at 11:59 pm, NCC is preparing for the closure of our facilities. NCC is categorized as a public place of accommodation that will be prohibited to remain open to members of the public to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation with the utmost consideration for collective health and safety, and for wrapping up your class experience effectively. NCC facilities will be closed to students beginning this Friday, November 20 at 11:30 pm. Students will receive a prorated refund for the truncated classes and may utilize Open Studio and attend classes until then. To prepare for this shutdown and to finish up work from your classes, students will need to make sure they have done the following:

  • All work to be bisqued and glazed needs to be on a cart by Friday at 11:30 pm. 
  • To increase access to glazing, an additional set of glazes has been added to the hallway outside of the glaze bay. Remember to sign up in Open Studio to utilize this area (; 
  • Bring home any finished glaze-ware from the carts as well as tools and clay that you have stored at NCC.
  • Greenware that cannot be completed in time for bisque-firing can be recycled in reclaim bins.

If you were not able to finish glazing your work, it will be stored in its bisqued state until we are safely able to reopen our facilities. Our goal is to offer a regulated sign-up opportunity for students to glaze unfinished work as it is permissible by the state. We will also be working on a strategy to facilitate the safe pick-up of your work once the Executive Order has been lifted.

Prorated refunds 
You will be receiving the prorated refund for the amount proportional to the number of canceled class sessions. Prorated refunds for the truncated classes can be returned, at your discretion, in any of the following ways:

  • refunded to your original payment source, 

  • transferred to a gift card, 

  • or made as a donation to NCC at your request.

Please follow this link to indicate how you would like us to proceed with your funds. Even if you have already submitted this form after the first announcement of early class cancelation, you will need to re-submit this form as the prorated amounts have changed (even if you are in a Thursday class whose refund amount hasn't changed). Please note the prorated amounts for return at the top of the fillable form. To continue supporting our ongoing operations and mission, we invite you to consider the following options for your prorated class refunds: make a donation to NCC or utilize a gift card refund amount to become a member or purchase work online. We are so grateful to the NCC community for demonstrating their support for our mission and organization during the many challenges of this year. We will begin processing refunds/gift cards/donations at the beginning of December. 

Because many of these registrations came in through our website, we will be able to process these transactions directly to the purchase card and send you a receipt via email as we hear from you regarding how you would like us to proceed. Some of your refunds will require us to contact you to complete the transaction. We ask for your continued patience while we strive to issue refunds in a timely fashion.

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Tuition, Fees, Refunds & Registration

Please refer to class listings for tuition and fees. Unless otherwise noted, fees for adult classes include instruction, open studio time, 25 lbs. of clay, basic glaze materials, and a firing allowance. Tuition may not be pro-rated. Some students may incur additional expenses if they choose unusual glaze materials or if their work occupies a large volume of kiln space. Tool kits and additional clay may be purchased at NCC.

To Register:

Register with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. NCC accepts registrations online at, in the sales gallery, or by telephone at 612.339.8007 x300. Download a paper registration form online, or call the gallery for more information. Member discounts are now available online.

Due to the high demand for classes, we require full payment with your registration to reserve your spot in class.

NCC will send confirmation of registration. If there is insufficient enrollment, we will cancel class, notify registered students, and refund all payments without penalty. Decisions are made approximately one week before classes begin. Please register early or you might find that your favorite class is full, or canceled because of low enrollment.


Tools: Standard tool kits for introductory classes are available in NCC’s Sales Gallery for $20 + tax. Other specialty tools are available as well.

Open Studio: The tuition for regular adult classes includes access to open studio time. On average, at least one classroom with potter’s wheels and a handbuilding table is available between 9 am and 9 pm Tuesday through Sunday, and from 9 am to midnight on Thursday evenings. NCC reserves the right to close studios for special classes or workshops.

Minimum Age Restrictions: Only students ages 18 and up are eligible to register for NCC’s adult classes and workshops.

Continuing Education Credits: If you are a teacher in need of CEUs, contact the education department to learn how NCC’s classes and workshops can be taken for continuing education credit.

Weather: As a general rule, NCC will remain open during inclement weather. We take our cues from local colleges and universities for canceling or rescheduling classes during particularly hazardous conditions. When in doubt, feel free to call us at 612.339.8007, and please be safe!

Tuition, Fees, & Refunds: Please refer to class listings for tuition and fees. Unless otherwise noted, fees for adult classes include instruction, open studio time, 25 lbs. of clay, basic glaze materials, and a firing allowance. Tuition may not be pro-rated. Some students may incur additional expenses if they choose unusual glaze materials or if their work occupies a large volume of kiln space. 

  • Classes: 100% of tuition (less a $15 processing fee) will be refunded if a student elects to drop or transfer a class no later than one week (7 days) before the day of the first class meeting. 50% of tuition (less a $15 processing fee) will be refunded if a student drops or transfers a class within two business days after the first class meeting. After this period, if a student elects to drop a class or transfer, tuition and fees will NOT be refunded for any reason except documented medical emergencies. There are no other exceptions to this policy.
  • Workshops: 100% of tuition (less a $15 processing fee) will be refunded if a student elects to drop or transfer a workshop for any reason at least one week (7 days) prior to the workshop. No refunds will be given with less than one week’s notice.
  • Clay Camps: 100% of tuition, minus a $15 cancellation fee, will be refunded if a student cancels for any reason up to one week (7 days) before the camp begins. A $15 transfer fee will be charged if a student transfers from one class to another at any time. No refunds or transfers will be issued with less than a one-week (7 days) notice before the beginning of the camp. Tuition is not pro-rated. There are no make-up sessions.

What's the difference between handbuilding and wheel throwing?
Wheel throwing is what we call work made on the potter's wheel. You might have heard it called "spinning," "potting," or "throwing," and it involves an electric wheel, kick wheel, or treadle wheel.

Handbuilding, also called "fingerbuilding," is work made — surprise — by hand (without the use of the wheel). This includes sculpture of all sizes, from abstract to figures and animals, as well as "handbuilt pottery"— vessel forms such as bowls, cups, and vases that are made by coil building, slab building, carving, or other construction techniques. Our handbuilding classes also include tile classes and mold making.

What is the beginner tool kit and where can I buy it?
The beginner tool kit generally includes a sponge, wire tool, pin tool, wood knife, wooden rib, aluminum rib, and large and small trimming tools. We sell the tool kit at NCC and you can purchase it when you check in for your first night of class. Most art and ceramic supply stores sell an identical or similar kit; it generally costs about $20.00. NCC also has a selection of individual tools — either to replace things from the basic kit, or to serve some specialized function. Ask the front desk to see our selection.

We recommend that everyone in the Land of Round Pots, Three Graces of Handbuilding, or Beginner level classes have these tools. Beyond that point, students have enough experience to know what they like to use and usually develop a collection of "favorites."

Can I come in to "play" with some clay?
We do not allow "walk-in" studio time, or work on projects far outside the scope of a class (e.g. working with plaster in a beginning pottery class). Regular adult classes do include open studio access. If you're looking for a short experience to try out ceramics, please enroll in a one-time workshop such as Crafternoon, Clay for Couples, or a sculpture workshop. We also offer family classes for parents and kids, and some free drop-in workshops (see below).

Do you host birthday parties or scout troops?
Yes! Find more details here. We also host special workshops for groups of adults or professionals. Contact us with your needs and ideas and we can build a great experience with you.

Do you offer scholarships?
We have a limited number of scholarships available for kids, primarily for our summer camp program. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer scholarships or discounts for adults, other than our membership program. We are, however, developing a payment plan for adults with fixed income, such as social security. In addition to our less expensive weekend workshops, we also offer periodically free hands-on events, at our Holiday Open House (November), Chili Cook-off (February), and summer art fair (August).

I made some pottery at another studio or at my home, can I bring it in to fire? 
Northern Clay Center does not offer kiln access or rental to members of the public.  
Continental Clay will fire work based on the space it occupies in the kiln and the number of pieces. You can contact them for rates at 612.331.9332.  Should you be interested in becoming a studio artist and having paid access to facilities and kilns, click here for more information.

Current Open Studio Schedules
Class Kiln Firings

Summer Term Fired Work (Updated 9.2.20) 

Glazed work from the summer term will continue to be fired throughout next week and will be available for pick up at NCC the week of September 14. There will be a sign up form sent to you and posted below that will allow you to choose a timeframe to come and sort through work; this will help us to keep our space as safe and regulated as possible. If you are registered for a fall class, you may pick up work during your next class at NCC. Thank you for your understanding. 

Sign up to pick up summer glazeware:

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