March Featured Artists: Carry-on

With so many visitors arriving in Minneapolis for the 53rd annual NCECA conference, NCC’s sales gallery will feature an array of works sized just right for packing into carry-on luggage, satchels, and backpacks. This special show will include works by our local notables, 2019 APF artists, and a few surprises. Pack light; heck, bring an empty suitcase! We’ll supply the bubble wrap!

Buy the work online here, after March 5.


NCECA Reception: Friday, March 29, 5 – 9 pm 

By using horror, the figure, and monstrosity, each artist in KITSCH BITCH WITCH communicates Mingei ideologies of ‘Art of the People’ and Folk Art through a vernacular of subculture and resistance. Artists include Roxanne Jackson, Lindsay Montgomery, and Meghan Smythe. Organized by Lindsay Montgomery.

Parallel Café & Hennepin Made, 145 Holden St N, Minneapolis


NCECA Reception: Friday, March 29, 5 – 9 pm 

Bonspiel is an exhibition of fourteen contemporary Canadian artists whose creative mission is to incorporate the theme of winter and/or winter sport into their works. From ice hockey to icicles and snowmobiles to snow bunnies, the vast conceptual tundra that encapsulates winter is the limit. Some of the artists will roll up their sculptural sleeves to tackle the task at hand, while others will put their functional tendencies to work.

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is the uniquely Minnesotan name for the childhood game called Duck, Duck, Goose in every other region around the country. Likewise, in the ceramics community, no matter the title, some things are inherently the same across regions. Ceramics, ceramist, pottery, potter, claywork, and maker are all words employed to describe the artists working and the objects made in the community of clay.

Ideal Made Real: MN NICE

NCECA Reception: Thursday, March 28, 5 – 9 pm 

Ideal Made Real: MN NICE is an exhibition of alumni and affiliate artists of the MN NICE program, Northern Clay Center’s ceramic certificate program that provides rigorous, personalized instruction. Curated and organized by Ursula Hargens,

Featuring: Linda Christianson, Joel Froehle, Ursula Hargens, Mike Helke, Kate Maury, Emily Murphy, S.C. Rolf, Denise Rouleau, and Todd Shanafelt.

Alternate Endings 2: Contemporary Ceramic Bookends

NCECA Reception: Thursday, March 28, 5 – 9 pm 

Alternate Endings 2: Contemporary Ceramic Bookends brings together diverse artists who have each created a set of bookends, presented in a public library setting. Curated by Bryan Hopkins, the show takes place at the University of Minnesota's Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library Gallery and the Wilson Art and Design library.