A Gilded Age

May 9 to Jun 29

Opening Reception: Friday, May 16, 6 – 8 pm (Was on view beginning May 9)

The ceramic work in A Gilded Age was flashy, glittery, and opulent. The pieces dazzled with their rich surfaces, meticulous detail, and bold appropriation. But each of the works included was also a meditation on value. Is true value internal or external? Do materials, execution, context, or concept make an object treasured? And, what happens when this value is mercurial and shifts in relation to time, place, and perspective? The artists addressed these tensions in a variety of ways through historical ceramics, pop culture, and digital technology. Curated by Ursula Hargens (member of Northern Clay Center’s exhibitions committee, artist, and educator), the exhibition featured the works of Chris Antemann (Joseph, OR), Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers (Claremont, CA), Shenny Cruces (Richmond, CA), and Jane Irish (Philadelphia, PA).

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This exhibition was running in conjunction with 2014 Regis Master:  Adrian Saxe, which was on view in the Emily Galusha Gallery from May 9 to June 29.

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