Volunteer at the Chili Cook-off

NCC loves our volunteers! There are several ways and times that you can get involved to make our 2017 Chili Cook-off a success from decorating to helping prepare food, to decorating the Clay Center.

Most shifts are two hours long and are in the following areas:

  • Prep the space!  – Hang decorations and get ready for a fiesta.
  • Pretty up the gallery! – Picture feather dusters.
  • Help in the kitchen! – From chopping to toasting to mulling, we need your skills!
  • Work the party! – Be a gracious host, refresh plates, help with activities.
  • Tidy up and shut her down! – A good party deserves a great clean up crew.

We would also like to thank Longfellow Grill on Lake Street, Captain Ken’s Foods in St. Paul, our dear friends at Zipps Liquor, Sociable Cider Werks in Northeast Minneapolis, and our sweets conjurers at Mon Petit Chéri. We truly value your commitment to our clay community!



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