Inspiration and Discovery: Pathways to Expression

Apr 30 to Jun 20

Opening reception: TBD

Partnered with Influence & Creativity: A Retrospective of Rock Creek Pottery in NCC's main gallery, the exhibition, Inspiration and Discovery, Pathways to Expression, will honor how their work continues to shape American craft by serving as the inspirational links in a lineage of potters who respect deep roots and who acknowledge that a good pot can emerge naturally through trust in one’s intuition. 

Will and Douglass worked from their rural mountain home studio in Buladean, North Carolina, from 1980 to 2007. Surrounded by forest, in the majestic presence of Roan Mountain, time spent at Rock Creek Pottery was transformative for them, and for their visitors. They touched students’ lives particularly through use of their pots, but also by teaching intensive workshops, employing eager potters, and by generously opening their home to many who would enjoy tea and have philosophical conversations around the table. In the pottery and in their home, they shared their knowledge of the rhythms of a potter’s life in ways that encouraged exploring art and living more deeply.
—Shawn Ireland, co-curator

Ruggles and Rankin’s approach, through these varied interactions with students of the craft, provided a fervent love of discovery and exploration, and those learners continue to carry it forward in different ways in their own pots. The seventeen artists featured in the Galusha Gallery will offer writings about their personal experiences with Ruggles and Rankin as well as their own work to illustrate the ever-broadening sphere of influence of the nurturing and generous mentors at Rock Creek Pottery.

Participating artists in Inspiration and Discovery, Pathways to Expression are: Ben Carter, Caroline Cercone, Josh Copus, Naomi Dalglish, Michael Hunt, Shawn Ireland, Suze Lindsay, Linda McFarling, Kent McLaughlin, Jenny Mendes, Sequoia Miller, Karen Newgard, Ron Philbeck, Jane Shellenbarger, McKenzie Smith, Liz Sparks, and Jeff Supplee.

Related Activities
Artists’ Presentation: Influence & Creativity: A Retrospective of Rock Creek Pottery

Introduced by exhibition curators Michael Hunt and Shawn Ireland, an image lecture by artists Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin on their work and life at Rock Creek Pottery.

Date and time: TBD

Gallery Talk: Influence & Creativity: A Retrospective of Rock Creek Pottery
Join us in the exhibition galleries at Northern Clay Center, to be part of a casual conversation about the work and the exhibitions with artists Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin, and exhibition curators Michael Hunt and Shawn Ireland.

Date and time: TBD

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