June Featured Artists: Groves, Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery, Shaman, Swanson, and Ceramic Jewelry @ NCC

Jun 4 to Jun 30

June’s featured artists offer to adorn your table, your home, your person. Add a certain serenity to your repast with the functional wares of Groves and Swanson and sate your serene tendencies or your down-to-earth tastes. Each artist brings their own elegance to your table. Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery and Shaman present delightful palettes on decorative work for your home that draw inspiration from the vast natural world. For yourself, or a fortunate recipient, the league of ceramic jewelry artists at NCC bring their different voices in clay to intricate, wearable sculptures. Whether it’s a gift for you or for someone else who richly deserves it, June is the month to find treasures at NCC.

Shop the work after June 4 here.

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