MN NICE Graduates

Nov 17 to Dec 29

Opening reception: Sunday, November 17, 12 noon - 4 pm

Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education (MN NICE) is a certificate program. The curriculum gives students an overview of ceramic history, advanced technical and materials training, and encourages awareness and debate around larger questions in the field of ceramics. Focusing on critical dialogue helps students build a body of work reflecting their own ideas. Ursula Hargens, co-collaborator and Program Head for MN NICE, leads weekly seminars and coordinating field trips.

MN NICE Graduates will feature the work of emerging artists from the 2019 graduating MN NICE classes. Their collective works represent the exploration of expression through clay – from functional vessels to graceful and impetuous sculpture. Bodies of work evolved through one-on-one dialogue with mentoring artists, lively group critiques, and individual guided research.

Artists include: Clarice Allgood, Chris Bond, Shelli Burns, Nick Kosack, Jamie Parrish, and Joan Vande Kamp