Request for Exhibition Proposals

Northern Clay Center continually solicits guest curators and exhibition opportunities for the Emily Galusha Gallery. These exhibitions require artwork made either partially or completely of ceramic materials. At least one exhibition opportunity will be available annually, in the Emily Galusha Gallery. The gallery space measures 31' x 19' with a wall height of 11'. There are two windows on the south wall of the space. The maximum size for an object is 9.5' x 5.5'.  Download a gallery map here (709 KB PDF).

Proposals can be for solo or group exhibitions. Ideas that propose original or unique pieces made specifically for exhibition at NCC or in response to the space are most likely to be considered.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for an exhibition, please provide the following information:

  1. A cover letter describing the purpose or curatorial intent of the exhibition.
  2. A resumé.
  3. A price list including NCC’s 50% gallery commission, if the work is to be for sale.
  4. A disc with 10 digital images and a printed copy of a corresponding image list. (Discs will not be returned.) The image list must include artist name, date of work, dimensions of work, medium, and image orientation. Please see “Submitting Digital Images” on our website or call for additional information. Digital images should be saved in JPEG format at 96 ppi with the image’s longest dimension not exceeding 1024 pixels. Image files should be labeled with last name, first initial, and numbers, indicating your preferred viewing order (example: doej1.jpg). Do not include any other information in the file name.
  5. A self-addressed stamped envelope for return of submitted materials. If postage is not included, materials will not be returned.

NCC's jurors will make every effort to review and respond to submissions in a timely manner. Please expect the process to take at least 3 months. Because we do not maintain a slide registry or artist file, all materials will be returned to you (in the SASE provided) unless your proposal is under consideration.

Proposals should be mailed to:
Attn: Tippy Maurant
Northern Clay Center
2424 Franklin Ave. East
Minneapolis, MN 55406

NCC will require that artists or guest curators deliver work to be included in the exhibition to the Clay Center and assist with both installation and de-installation. NCC will provide promotion for the exhibition and a reception for the public.

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive detailed information about schedules and terms.

Please contact the Director of Galleries and Events with any questions or concerns at 612.339.8007 x 304 or