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Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota (or as she often refers to it, San Pablo)

Years as a ceramic artist: 11

Chris has been a studio artist at NCC for about 4 years. Her favorite part?
a) Openings and other events
b) Studio mates
c) A studio that’s not at home
d) Milo, the Center’s cat
I love having studio mates, it’s like having classmates and a great way to keep learning.

What was your first experience with clay? I signed up for a 5000 level tile-making class only to fulfill an undergrad requirement at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. I made a couple of cool things and was encouraged by my professor to continue my ceramic studies. Of course, I then had to take the intro course, which proved to be extremely challenging. I did not figure out how to throw until two weeks before the course ended.

Tell us a little about your work: My work is conceptually driven. I attempt to give a voice to those that are often not heard. I spent many years working with the homeless, mentally ill, and other underserved groups. I’m working on a series of dinnerware, cast from paper plates, that reflect on how our culture treats these individuals as disposable. Another project I’m working on has to do with access and availability of medicine and ammunition. That piece contains hundreds of slip-cast bullets dispensed through candy machines.

“Day Job”: My other formal training is in photography. When I’m not working in the ceramics studio, I can usually be found in a photo studio. I work as an assistant, or helper, as I like to say. Typically, I’m assisting the producer, but sometimes I work with the stylist or photographer, it just depends. 

Inspirational artists:
a) Gordon Parks for his ability to capture the human condition
b) Marcel Duchamp for bringing us the Readymade
c) Glenn Ligon for his use of text, legible and illegible
d) Jeff Koons for his use of icons and other materials from popular culture

Other hobbies: Darkroom photography, woodworking, thrifting, and antiquing. 

Favorite Vacation: Riding an ATV up coastal Highway 200 and then through the mountains in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Favorite NCC Exhibition or Party: Functional Redesign (Winter 2012)

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