Director's report: Spring 2015

Happy Spring from Northern Clay Center!! We are excited about warming temps and about looking out our windows to see colors come back into the sepia-toned, wintery Minnesota world; we are anxious to get our hands in the dirt and start growing things and to get our hands in the clay to start making things to contain the growing things!

And, we are excited about the newness that comes with springtime — out in the greater world and inside the walls of NCC — as we welcome new and enthusiastic students, new visiting artists, new work in our exhibitions and sales galleries, and new ideas in clay. Our spring line up is packed with visits from artists from across the country; with over 50 experiential classes and workshops for you, your kids, your grandparents; with work by over 50 makers that will ignite some new conversations; with services and support for artists across the spectrum of making.

Not a local and can’t benefit from our in-house programs? No problem. Follow us online and learn about our exhibitions and visiting artists, and shop for pots 24 hours a day. Traveling to this year’s NCECA conference in Providence, Rhode Island? Stop by and say “hi” — visit with staff, check out our satellite gallery, and learn about our artist grants and education programs.

Whether we see you in person at NCC or out in the great big world of clay, we look forward to spending our springtime with you!