2015 Warren MacKenzie Advancement Awardees

Northern Clay Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Warren MacKenzie Advancement Awards:  Stuart Gair (Lincoln, NE) and Jacob Raeder (Chicago, IL). The grant period for each artist’s research and continued education is through May 20, 2016.

Stuart Gair

Jacob Raeder

The Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award program is designed to provide emerging ceramic artists/students with an opportunity to continue their ceramic research and education for a period of up to twelve consecutive months within a grant year, further expanding their professional development.  During the grant year, the recipients can research a new technique or process, study with a mentor or in an apprenticeship setting, visit other ceramic art centers or institutions for classes and workshops, collaborate with artists of another media, and travel.

This award honors the legacy of Warren MacKenzie, studio potter and professor emeritus of the University of Minnesota.  It furthers his philosophy that ceramic education can transpire through both traditional and alternative means.

Gair will travel to the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME, to attend workshops with artists, visit their studios, and spend time in notable museum collections along his route. Raeder’s grant will help to fund his residency at the European Keramic Work Center, where he’ll work closely with 15 other international artists. He will focus on a new body of work regarding novelty toys, as well as new forming methods using foaming reactions. Their progress will be captured through regular contributions to NCC’s social media.

This year’s selection panel consisted of Ben Carter, a studio potter based in Santa Cruz, CA, and host of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast; Sarah Jaeger, a studio potter based in Helena, MT; and Amy Santoferraro, a sculptor, assistant professor of art at Kansas State University, and NCC’s Spring McKnight Resident Artist.

The Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award is made possible through the support of generous individual and institutional donors, including TRAX Gallery (Berkeley, CA), Lacoste Gallery (Concord, MA), Schaller Gallery (St. Joseph, MI), Minnesota Potters of the upper St. Croix River, and Northern Clay Center.  Additional donations from select individuals help support this program. These include: Dan and Caroline Anderson, Posey Bacopoulos, George and Annie Beers, Wayne Branum, Susie Goodin, Carl Herbert, Randy Johnston and Jan McKeachie Johnston, Gail Kendall and Kent Miller, Mark Pharis, and Michael Simon and Susan Stokes Roberts. If you are interested in supporting this award, please contact us at nccinfo@northernclaycenter.org.

Information on the 2016 Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award, including application deadlines and details is available here.

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