25th Anniversary Interview: Chris Jozwiak, Board Member

What is your relationship with NCC?

I just entered my second term as a board member, and after a fantastic three years with NCC, I feel like I finally have my arms around the programming, mission, and functions of NCC. Prior to joining the board, ceramic art wasn’t something I knew a lot about, so I experienced a steeper learning curve than some board members. Entering my second term of service to NCC is thrilling because I feel I can be a greater advocate for NCC.

What makes NCC so unique?

What’s unique to me, and what I haven’t seen before in another organization, is an impressive versatility in the functionality of NCC: the ClayMobile visits with kids who don’t have access to clay and at the same time we are participating at NCECA; we are facilitating education classes; we are receiving grants to support impressive exhibitions that we share with a national audience; and hosting a visiting artist series. All of those things cast a wide net in terms of getting clay out into community and supporting the ceramic arts community overall — and, at a high level of quality. This ability to be both nimble and hard-hitting is something I’ve not seen executed so well in an organization. NCC isn’t just a community-based clay center or just another gallery; it is unique to me in the number of irons it always has going in the fire, all of which are equally meaningful.

How do you share NCC with your friends?

A lot of people in my social circles don’t know about NCC; I am usually in a sea of lawyers and doctors (my husband is an endocrinologist). So I actively invite them into the clay world. I bring my neighbors and colleagues to exhibitions, the American Pottery Festival, and fundraisers like the Food and Wine dinner. I have brought on new board members, who are other working professionals. Watching friends and family learn about ceramic art has been rewarding for me. Some have had a very naïve sense of what NCC encompasses and I enjoy introducing them to all of what we really are.