25th Anniversary Interview: Richard North & Patrick Doust, Collectors

What is your relationship with NCC?

We attend the American Pottery Festival each year as part of the Collector Adventures. We live in Ohio. We also donate to support NCC. For the past 15 years, we have focused on collecting contemporary functional and figurative ceramics.

Why did you get involved initially?

We have participated in a number of collectors tours over the years and attended many ceramic exhibitions. NCC’s American Pottery Festival interested us for both the selection of participating ceramic artists and the interesting tours that combined visits to artists’ homes, museums, company art collections, and lectures.

Why do you stay involved?

The continued quality of the APF and members and staff of NCC, who have become our friends.

How do you share NCC with your friends?

We have gotten friends from Ohio to come with us to the APF. We tell people about the website, and we share with other ceramic organizations aspects of NCC that we feel set it apart from others.

What was the most gratifying thing that happened or what pleases you most about your NCC experience?

Making friends, and being exposed to works by artists we have admired and to new artists.

What was the most surprising thing that happened during your relationship with NCC?

We were once asked to do a fun presentation on the “Mind of a Collector.” We talked about how we came to be collectors and what issues are important to us as collectors in our relationship with galleries and artists.