25th Anniversary Interview: Alex Reed, 2011 Fogelberg Fellow

Why did you get involved initially?
I applied for the Fogelberg Fellowship during my senior year of undergraduate studies [at New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University] and was awarded one of the 2011 – 2012 fellowships.

What was the most surprising thing that happened during your work with NCC?
At the end of my fellowship year at NCC, I decided to move away from entirely self-generated studio work as my only source of creative output. After NCC, I started working in commercial ceramic design, first at Rookwood Pottery (Cincinnati, Ohio), and now at Heath Ceramics (Los Angeles, California). I enjoy an active personal studio outside of "work", and enjoy a practice that benefits from both commercial work and independent, speculative work.

What was the most gratifying thing that happened? What pleased you the most?
Connecting with a wider professional network of artists after undergrad was very important. I also count my Fogelberg partner, Ty Aymond, as a lifelong friend. Participating in the Springboard for the Arts Community Sponsored Art program as a contributing artist was also a highlight. The CSA program sells shares of art to community members similar to the farm boxes we’re more familiar with.

Any funny stories to share?
Once I was trying to be thrifty by washing out the heavy duty plastic bags I had used to store clay for re-use. [Director] Sarah Millfelt walked by and was horrified by the amount of water I was wasting in order to wash the bags out. I've since learned that the amount of clean water needed to wash things out is pretty minimal.

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