25th Anniversary Interview: Mark and Marilyn Rosberg, NCC Students

Why did you get involved initially?
About 10 years ago, we were so busy with work, we decided a weekly “date night” was in order. As we talked over options, we happened to meet Lucy Yogerst at the Uptown Art Fair. She was giving a wheel-throwing demo to promote NCC. We asked her if it was difficult to learn. Bless her heart—she gave us a big smile and told us anyone can learn to throw! We started a beginner class together and have been throwing ever since.

What was the most surprising thing that has happened during your work with NCC?
We’ve been most surprised, and pleasantly so, about the many friends we’ve made here. It is a very social place and teachers and students alike are very generous about sharing their knowledge.

What was the most gratifying thing that happened?
To us, one of the most gratifying aspects of hands-on ceramic work is how relaxing it is. We find our other concerns and worries are left at the door when we come to NCC to work. That is a blessing.

Any funny stories to share?
When we started throwing and handbuilding, neither of us anticipated that someday we would actually be able to execute a pot precisely as we imagine it. But now we can — admittedly Mark is way ahead on that score! And it is due to lots of practice and the fact that we learn something valuable from every instructor we’ve had. Mark recalls he was taught to puff into a wet pot to give it some volume. It exploded like a party balloon! The lesson: throw a thicker wall for this technique.

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