25th Anniversary Interview: Dominique Berieter

What is your relationship with NCC?

Right now, I’m a donor and I support NCC because I love ceramics. I buy quite a bit, but NCC is such a big part of my life that it’s difficult to say where one role ends and another begins. 

Why did you get involved initially?
When I first moved to Minnesota nine and a half years ago, I needed an art environment. I came to the American Pottery Festival and met many of the artists, some of whom I already knew from Providence, Rhode Island. I knew I wanted to be here—to be in this community—so I started volunteering for events and in the sales gallery. 

Why do you stay involved?
I really enjoy myself at NCC. I love so much all the pots and displays, selling, talking to the artists. I love the camaraderie, the people. Basically, I feel like a part of the team and respected here.

What makes NCC so unique?
It’s a place where there are so many different artists, but also the atmosphere is very supportive. The artists who are here involve even more artists, and it means it’s interesting here. When NCC was created, it was with a great idea, and it continues to be special. 

What's the most surprising thing that's happened at NCC? 
I’m embarrassed to say it, but I was surprised to learn I really don’t like to touch wet clay. So many artists talk about how much they love the feeling of clay, but I just dislike it and don’t want my hands in it. It’s why I now prefer handbuilding. The clay is drier. 

Any funny or endearing stories?
I took Leo, my dog, to pick up work from Warren MacKenzie. I had him on a leash, but Warren insisted he be allowed to run free. Leo is eight pounds and ran around Warren’s studio, but in a gentle way. He appreciates art. 

How do you share NCC with your friends?
I talk about it all the time. People know I’m at the events, and I always talk about NCC and the pots. I buy gifts here to bring to my friends when I travel. I have given pots to friends in Japan, Switzerland, and France!

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