Director's Report: Autumn 2016

The Autumn Newsletter marks the end of Northern Clay Center’s 25th year of operations—and the start of the next 25 years of magic! For many of us, the mid-twenties call to mind a time in which life was filled with possibility, learning, trial-and-error (and often success!), and the defining of some major life goals.

For Northern Clay Center, it is all these things and more! We are excited about the possibility of further diversifying our audience and the greater field of ceramics as we work to bring in new people to participate in our outreach programs and identify ceramic artists who may have been underserved in the past. We recognize the importance of lifelong learning, as we strive to fine-tune our classes for youth, teens, aspiring artists, adults, and the aging—through activities at NCC and outside our walls. We embrace the importance of trial-and-error as we test out new programming, share examples of the full spectrum of ceramic art from around the globe, and look closely at the quality and content of each focus area. And we continue to define and reaffirm our goals of promoting excellence in the work of clay artists, providing educational opportunities for artists and the community, and to encourage and expand the public's appreciation and understanding of all forms of the ceramic arts.

We are thankful to have each of you participate in this journey with us and look forward to another 25+ years of work together on behalf of the ceramic arts!