2017 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant Recipients

Susan Feigenbaum Autumn Higgins Lisa Truax

Northern Clay Center is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grants. Three grants in the amount of $6,000 each have been awarded to Susan Feigenbaum, Autumn Higgins, and Lisa Truax.

Susan Feigenbaum plans to use the time and space provided by the award to consider new compositional presentations for her work and to aggressively pursue corporate commissions. She will also do a deep dive into ceramic chemistry to expand her palette. Finally, Feigenbaum will continue her critical dialogue with her mentorships developed during her time in NCC’s MN NICE program.

Autumn Higgins will establish a permanent home studio, where she’ll aim to branch out from the comfortable scale and directly functional aspects of her work to create pieces that consist of larger, modular, canister-like pieces, blurring the line between function and sculpture while enhancing the narrative aspect of her illustrated surfaces. 

Lisa Truax’s practice investigates personal and cultural relationships to natural and seemingly natural environments. She is interested in further investigating the contrast between our attraction to nature and wildness as an independent concept, as well as our impulse to collect tangible objects from specific places as a method of memory making and the impact that this taking has upon places. Her investigations of local materials will be realized as objects in 3D-printed map forms, cast in in porcelain, and presented with organic materials from specific locations in the region.

This year’s selection panel consisted of our winter McKnight Resident Artist, Eva Kwong, who is also an educator and an author; visiting artist, Pattie Chalmers, curator of our spring exhibition, Roadside Attractions, and professor at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale; and local potter and NCC teaching artist, Peter Jadoonath, who is a former Jerome recipient himself.

We wish to thank each of them for a day of very thoughtful deliberations; their valuable feedback is available to the grant recipients and applicants as a form of professional development.

2017 marks the 27th year of support for this program from the Jerome Foundation. The Foundation supports emerging artists in Minnesota and New York City who, among other qualifications:

  • take risks and embrace challenges 
  • are rigorous in their approach to creation and production 
  • are under-recognized by their peers.