What's next?: Ellie Bryan, 2016 Jerome Ceramic Artist of Color


I am staying in Minneapolis for the time being. I am currently working at Dock 6 Pottery—a production pottery here in Minneapolis. I plan to continue to develop my practice while I am here, however I am looking into fellowship and residency opportunities in other states. If I don't move on to a residency at another art facility within the next year, I am planning on pursing a tattoo apprenticeship here in Minneapolis.

During my time at NCC I learned what it was like to make work in a professional artists community. This was my first experience outside college of making work while being immersed in a clay community and professional space. The studio space I was provided allowed me to focus intently on developing my work and trying new things. I will take with me the fact the NCC was the place where I was able to pivot the direction of my work and make some changes and discoveries that will shape my practice for years to come.

I primarily sell my work through my Etsy account (www.etsy.com/shop/blackbanjoarts). I also post frequently on Instagram under @blackbanjoarts, and have a website www.blackbanjoarts.com

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