NCECA Conference in Pittsburgh

“How was NCECA 2018 you might be asking?” The short, Minnesota, answer is “Great!”. The real answer is much longer and more heartfelt. 

We are humbled by the convergence of 6,000+ artists, educators, enthusiasts, collectors, and students.

We are inspired by the speaking and creative talents of contributing makers and the savvy curiosity of each visitor.

We are endlessly entertained by stories, personalities, and all of those moments that occur organically during a week of togetherness with your work family.

We are heartened by the appreciation and engagement apparent in countless conversations and gallery purchases and to come home to Minneapolis, rejuvenated in the belief that our work for the ceramic community is, indeed, impactful.

NCC’s Sales Gallery was juried in as a Gallery Expo participant at this year’s 52nd annual conference. Hard numbers, you ask?

54: The number of artists represented in NCC’s Gallery Expo space. This included grant recipients from 2017, Locals We Love, 2018 American Pottery Festival artists, and a few beloved sales gallery notables not from this area.

1287: The number of ceramic artworks carefully packed and transported to NCECA in Pittsburgh.

14: The number of hours, each way, driven by the ClayToGo van and the Claybaru to bring all of those pots to Pennslvannia.

3: The average number of minutes between each NCC sale during business hours in the gallery.

13: The number of volunteers who generously, and with humor and skill, helped us pack an entire gallery in fewer than 2 hours at the close of the week. They hailed from UW-River Falls, University of Utah, and the residency programs at NCC, among others.

?: The cups of coffee, servings of early morning scrambled eggs, moments of support freely given, number of one-way streets in Pittsburgh, and sequins on a certain someone’s Opening Ceremonies dress.

So, in one true and concise word, NCECA was great. Thanks for asking!  And, we look forward to March 27 – 30, 2019, when NCECA finds its way to Minneapolis, Minnesota, at which time all of us at Northern Clay Center will roll out the red carpet and VIP treatment for all of our friends in clay—from near and far! Stay tuned to our website and newsletters for additional information about all of NCC’s NCECA-centric goings on.