ART@HAND Partner Spotlight: Lyngblomsten

Northern Clay Center celebrates our 6th year of working with residents of Lyngblomsten Senior Housing and Healthcare in St Paul. When NCC works with Lyngblomsten, collaboration and partnership characterize the experience. Teaching artist Claire O’Connor says of the collaboration, “When we’re working in a group, there’s an obvious partnership between the staff and the outreach teacher: they share our goals, which are what elderly are getting from working with clay.” For NCC’s ART@HAND program, teaching artists, and partner staff, the beneficial experience of working with clay as a therapeutic and tactile medium is the objective.

Not only are the staff and outreach teachers working together, but Lyngblomsten residents love contributing their clay work to greater projects that benefit the entire building and organization, including murals and garden tiles. One project included a series of poetry tiles (pictured) created to be displayed in Lyngblomsten’s garden. Artist Claire O’Connor says the residents, “are absolutely happy to contribute their pieces to the enjoyment of everybody and to the building to make it welcoming. They are investing in their organization and their home.”

This is just one of many partnerships that reaches this group. So far in 2018, NCC has worked with six different populations, including residents in assisted living and long-term care apartments, subsidized housing, intergenerational groups, independently mobile people aged 55+ at Northern Clay Center, Lyngblomsten staff, and the greater community of Lyngblomsten through the Midsummer festival.