Student Spotlight: Sara Goettsch

The story of NCC Student Sara Goettsch begins with an invitation to take a class. Join us as she relates the tale: 

“I took my first class at NCC about 15 years ago. A couple of my friends were going to take a class and invited me along. I hadn't worked with clay since I was a child and was glad to return to it. I like to tell the story that I have been throwing since about the age of five. My father brought me along to his classes when he was working on his doctorate in art education and his students would attempt to get me to talk about what I was doing.  
The irony is that when I told the story in my class this year, the lady next to me asked further questions about the story, only to find out my dad was her art teacher in high school and she had gone on to study art.

“So I have been taking classes off and on for the past 15 years. I tried to have my own studio for a while. I was even able to sell some of my pieces, though not enough to make a living. I have really enjoyed taking classes and learning new techniques and styles from the various instructors, as well as from classmates. 

“I personally like to make usable pieces and definitely consider myself a craftsperson and not an artist. All of the dishes we use in my home are pieces I made. I especially like to make large serving bowls to give as gifts. I hope to continue to make more dishes and hopefully learn more design techniques.

“This season I signed up for a day class thinking I would have more time to work on my pottery. Unfortunately, I ended up getting a job and was only able to attend three classes, but I have been able to take advantage of open studio. I currently like to consider myself retired, but I take on seasonal work to help out the household income. The job I have been doing for the past three years is scoring standardized tests. Before that I worked for decades in the banking industry.”

Keep an eye out for Sara in the studios in coming seasons and years. With more open studio time than any other ceramic center in the region, there is always room for a lifelong learner at NCC! We’re glad you came Sara and we’re glad you stayed.

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