Announcing the Recipients of the 2019 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grants

Northern Clay Center is proud to announce the recipients of the 2019 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grants. Three grants in the amount of $6,000 each have been awarded to Lynn Wadsworth, Zoe Powell, and Erin Paradis. The Foundation supports emerging artists in Minnesota and New York City who, among other qualifications:

  • take risks and embrace challenges
  • are developing a voice that reveals significant potential
  • are rigorous in their approach to creation and production
Lynn Wadsworth
Fringe Pot 
earthenware, fiber, wire,
18” x 8” x 8”. 

Zoe Powell 
Partition Vessel
Minnesota clay blend, cone 3,
oxidized electric,
13" x 10" x 11".

Erin Paradis
Dotty Pink Arms 
earthenware, glaze, underglaze,
22”x 12”x 6”.

Lynn Wadsworth plans to continue pushing the boundaries of materiality as she investigates the definitions of fine craft, handicraft, and art. She plans to engage makers from other areas of fine craft in a conversation supporting the development of her work, while sharing that conversation with the Minnesota craft community. The jury found humor, intelligence, and an element of surprise in her work.

Zoe Powell has been exploring local materials, which are rough and richly saturated with iron to create voluminous and elegant forms. She desires support to explore a pristine clay body, porcelain, which she believes may “showcase the inherent grace of my forms, undisturbed by color.” The jurors were equally excited by the forms Powell presented and very curious about the contrast and balance her project will result in as she brings porcelain into conversation with wild clay.

Erin Paradis was one of many applicants interested in developing the business end of her practice while she simultaneously pushes scale and audience. The jury was impressed with the presence of her sculptures and her consistent momentum in the area of professional development. They were taken with the way she draws in space with ceramic forms. 

This year's selection panel consisted of NCC’s recent Visiting Artist Jeff Schmuki, who was part of the exhibition In Service and is an associate professor of art at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA; Armando Ramos, a multi-media artist whose work can be found in the Oakland Museum and the North Dakota Museum of Art. Ramos is an assistant professor in the art department at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California; and Malcolm Mobutu Smith,  an associate professor of ceramic art at Indiana University, Bloomington. His work is represented in the collections of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing, China, and Indiana State Museum.

NCC thanks each of them for being articulate and forward-thinking and strongly encourages all grant applicants to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn from their conversation as their valuable feedback is available to the grant recipients and applicants. 

Additional information on the award is available here.