Teaching Artist Spotlight: Casey Beck

NCC is excited to welcome Casey Beck to our teaching artist roster! Beck is a ceramic artist who has a passion for atmospheric firing. Of his work created through atmospheric firing methods he says, “the final object is a record, or a memory of the dialogue and a narrative of how the flame moved across the surface of the form, interacted with the materials.” It is this interest in how the flame interacts with the pot that Beck has conceived of the workshop Altering for Atmospheres, which he will be teaching in August at NCC.

Beck’s favorite aspect of teaching is watching each of the students’ unique interactions, physically and cognitively, with the medium of clay. He believes that “having a mutual understanding with the clay” is one of the most fundamental skills that a ceramic student can learn, “not being forceful towards the clay, but not letting it take control of you.”


Casey Beck will be teaching his first workshop at NCC on Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11, 10 am - 1 pm. Sign up here.

Keep an eye out in the studios this fall for him when he teaches Land of Round Pots - Wheel-throwing 101!