Artist Spotlight: Sunshine Cobb


Sunshine Cobb’s creative journey has taken her all over the country. She is constantly on the move – creating magically saturated wares and sharing her experience and techniques with other makers who are eager to learn. On Friday, September 6 she will join us at for a pre-festival workshop as part of the American Pottery Festival.

Why should you register today?

The Truro Center for the Arts in Castle Hill, MA says Cobb’s workshops are, “geared toward creative expansion, a process-over-product mentality, beginners to advanced students will be inspired by.”

Trax Gallery in Berkley, CA raves, “Her work touches one’s visual senses in a way you can smell, hear, feel and touch all that you imagine happening around you. Using a bright colored Sunshine Cobb vase, cake platter, garlic jar or dish brings it all home.”

From the ceramics news website C-File, Garth Clark wrote that her famous garlic boxes are, “…the perfect union of beauty and utility.” 

Cobb herself writes, “I rely on texture and color to create a sense of motion and time in my work. I hope to instill a sense of age, like one finds apparent in discarded objects, with the aim to infuse feelings of nostalgia and wanderlust in my ceramic objects. By exploring and creating vessels kept within arm’s reach, I hope to communicate how an object’s significance can grow and change depending on the path of a person’s life. And how the relationship between function and ornament shift throughout the course of a day/week/year. Through form and surface my goal is to communicate a sense of home and memory but also to evoke that feeling of wanderlust that has informed my own life and visual sensibilities. My work is at its very best when in use, flowers or food, the work comes to life and enhances any encounter.”

Register for Sunshine's APF workshop "Square Things and Round Things" here.

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