Artist Spotlight: Birdie Boone

Birdie Boone wants to make us “act upon the domestic spaces we occupy.” Anyone who has held one of her wares in their hands knows she achieves this goal consistently. Everything about her work is comforting and a pleasure to use. 

Boone works in a modest detached home studio in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia and has been making pots full-time for about eight years, but her experience in art and clay goes back much further. One could say her professional path to full-time potter evolved similarly to how her forms evolve in that every element was considered. After earning her BA in art from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in 1994 and her MFA in Ceramics at UMASS Dartmouth in 2005 she explored several employment opportunities ancillary to art before making the decision to cut away extraneous efforts to focus on her calling.

Her intent as a maker is to address the significance of domestic experiences through the honesty of simply composed forms and thoughtfully developed glazes. It’s important to her to present objects as well-balanced and eager to be used, while retaining a subtle kinetic presence, a sensory reminder, if you will, that things aren’t set in stone. Boone renders in soft volumes with evocative surfaces NCC is proud and honored to represent in our sales gallery.

Boone graciously shared more insights in our most recent Q & A session. 

NCC:  How do you supplement your income?
BB: Workshop Instruction 

NCC: What do you love most about making your work? 
BB: I love being able to translate my observations through ceramic materials and processes, they have the ability to speak volumes!
NCC What’s the hardest part? 
BB: Remaining focused so that no detail is unconsidered.

NCC: What are your goals for the future of your work? 
BB: I am more of an 'in the moment' type. I don’t have outward (concrete) goals, so to speak, but inwardly, I always hope for the work to mature as the future moves toward the present. I love that it continues to surprise me in its revelation and manifestation of my observations.

NCC: What do you see as your biggest achievement so far? 
BB: I don’t really think about things in these terms, I’m afraid.

NCC: What else are you excited about in your life? 
BB: Working on a couple of special collaborations for NCECA 2020. 

NCC: What art do you look at for eye candy? 
BB: I am a pot nerd, so I look at pottery for eye candy. I love historic pots and contemporary, including design. 

View and purchase her work here.