Artist Spotlight: Alyce Carrier, Anonymous Artist Studio Fellow

Alyce Carrier creates porcelain forms imbued with primitive electricity. She moved to Minneapolis last year from Utah to utilize the many resources Minnesota has to offer ceramic artists, and was selected by our jurors to receive an Anonymous Artist Studio Fellowship for 2019 - 20. After earning her BFA in 2014 at the University of Utah, Salt Lake, Carrier has been steadily developing her practice with a Post-Baccalaureate at the University of Arkansas; an assistantship at Rat City Studios in Seattle, WA; and residencies at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, WA; Zentrum fur Keramik in Berlin, Germany; and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious, “I am wholeheartedly dedicated to life as an artist and I am truly excited about the work I am making.”

NCC: You have been in residence at NCC for just a month now, how are you settling to the studio artist community? Would you please share how the residency is matching up with your anticipated expectations.
AC: The first month has really flown by, but moving to NCC in the middle of preparations for the American Pottery Festival really set the pace in such a good way. I feel motivated and excited, and everyone here has been so welcoming and friendly. NCC has exceeded my expectations so far. Every day that I am here I am blown away with how well this place holds and nurtures all the people that come through it. 

NCC: What are you working on in your studio to kick off your year at NCC?
AC: I am taking advantage of the incredible glaze room that NCC has to offer in order to establish a new color palette for my work. I have been working with black and white for a few years and I feel in my bones it is time to venture into a color or two. 

NCC: What is your main goal for your residency at NCC?
AC: My main goal for this year is to push my work beyond a point that it has been riding in for the last few years. I want to challenge my imagery, my forms, and my colors in order to get back to a place where I feel like my personal growth, ideals, and values are matching up with the physical pieces I am making. 

NCC: What event are you most looking forward to this year?
AC: American Pottery Festival was one for the books and I feel like I am still looking forward to it even though it already happened. I am looking forward to the hearing McKnight Artist Resident Hidemi Tokutake talk about her work at the end of October, and I am also looking forward to NCECA 2020!