Introducing the Legacy Alliance

Happy Spring from Northern Clay Center! We are so excited about warming temperatures, the subtle hints of color showing, and the sense of new beginnings that hangs in the spring air. This sense of newness is not only evident outdoors, but also inside our building as we welcome a whole new season of classes, artists, creative opportunities, exhibitions, and special events.

One new and very important program NCC is embarking on is our newly formed Legacy Alliance. The Legacy Alliance is a special circle of NCC friends, advocates and supporters who are committed to sustaining the artistic quality, accessibility, and inclusiveness of our programs for future generations through thoughtful planned giving.

Planned giving, in its simplest form, is a sizeable donation given over time or as a part of someone’s estate. Planned gifts are becoming increasingly more important to non-profits like NCC as foundation and government funding sources change over the years. Financial advisors urge this type of initiative as forward-thinking for financial success. Because NCC is operating from a position of solid financial strength, this is the perfect time to implement a planned giving program like the Legacy Alliance.

Planned gifts can provide more secure long-term footing for non-profits like NCC by providing for a wide range of options for potential gift-givers to utilize, making it much easier to fit philanthropy into their budgets and long-term financial plans. Planned giving is also an important way for non-profit organizations to diversify their funding sources, essentially ensuring that we are fiscally mindful about how we balance support from multiple entities including grants, sponsorships, and individuals.

The opportunities to support NCC’s mission and programming through planned giving includes naming NCC in your will; making NCC a beneficiary of your revocable living trust, charitable remainder trust, qualified retirement plan, or life insurance policy; or leaving real estate or other assets to Northern Clay Center. Another way is to commit to donating $1000 a year for five consecutive years. This can be done in one sum, or in smaller increments divided over 12 months (donate $84 a month for 12 consecutive months). The list of opportunities for planned giving offers flexibility for donors from a broad range of financial backgrounds to support NCC in the manner that means most to them.

Kathryn Rosebear, a longtime affiliate, artist, and strong advocate for NCC, expresses her desire to join NCC’s Legacy Alliance and her reasons for doing so in a lovely message:

For 20 of the 30 years the Northern Clay Center has been around, I have been here: taking classes, attending openings, buying lots of pots, enjoying the progress of young artists as they grew in their art, becoming friends with visiting artists. Eventually I settled into the shared studio, where I continue making pots to this day.

The last time I revised my will, I made sure I included Northern Clay Center as a beneficiary of my estate. It felt good—and right. NCC is a place—and a community—that I care about deeply. I want its magic to go on forever.

In discussions at NCC, I have since learned that others—students, board members, artists, and collectors—have done the same. It seems there has always been a group of like-minded individuals out there committed to the future of Northern Clay Center, and willing to make sure that it remains as healthy, vital, and dynamic as it has been during our tenure.

Now NCC has created a formal way to recognize those who include it in their estate planning, and/or commit to a major gift of $1,000 a year for five consecutive years: the NCC Legacy Alliance. The Legacy Alliance is NCC’s way of bringing together those who make significant commitments to the future of the organization, and offers a means to support an organization that you feel connected to in a manner that works for you. Please join me as a member of the NCC Legacy Alliance and become one of its founding members.
—Kathryn Rosebear

I am so thankful to supporters like Kathryn who have included NCC in their financial plans. This type of support will help us reach future generations and remain financially healthy over time. Please contact me if you have any questions, wish to learn more about the Legacy Alliance, or to let me know you intend to become a member. Thank you to all who engage with NCC on any level. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

Leah Hughes
Executive Director

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