This is going to be short and light. We are all aware of what is happening around us, and this — a note from an arts organization serving some of the best (clay) people — should be your respite.

Yes, we have a new leadership team at Northern Clay Center. Kyle Rudy-Kohlhepp and myself are the Interim Co-Executive Directors. While it could be offered that this was quite a challenging season to transition into leadership, this experience quickly and beautifully illuminated our compatible values, areas for growth, and complementary skills. Our most pronounced undercurrent is one of gratitude for each other and the people we serve. We both highly value trust and transparency, and we are dedicated to weaving those values into every decision and effort.

Yes, we canceled, closed, and postponed a previously unthinkable amount of programming and services during one of the most challenging eras in our lifetimes. NCC is still here, and we are creating avenues to serve artists and communities in ways that didn’t exist when the new year began. The forced acceleration of the evolution of our ideas and their fruition brought with it a new awareness of our potential. We know that our studios will be different now, our American Pottery Festival weekend will be different now, and our outreach programs will be different now. Everything is different now. We know that it’s better for us to wait, observe closely, and respond with mindful creativity rather than to speculate about how they will continue to change. We know one thing for certain: this NCC community is solid and determined.

Yes, this team is whole. Like a lot of you, we moved as much work as we could to our homes at a moment’s notice and the team continues to be nimble, positive, innovative, and relentless. We still have much to navigate, but looking back at the first part of the year, I’m proud of us. I’m proud of the studio artists, teaching artists, guest artists, gallery artists, students, collectors, the clay lovers, our peer organizations, and every one of our community partners. The ceramic world has a backbone like no other, and we are simply thankful for all of you.


Tippy Maurant

Interim Co-Executive Director