Announcing the 2020 Emerging Artist Fellowship Awardees

Northern Clay Center is proud to announce the 2020 recipients of its Emerging Artist Residencies, Warren MacKenzie Advancement Awards, and Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award.

Emerging Artist Residencies
Northern Clay Center’s Emerging Artist Residency programs, the Fogelberg Studio Fellowship and the Anonymous Artist Studio Fellowship, are designed to provide emerging ceramic artists an opportunity to be in residence for one year at NCC. Between September 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 the residents will have the opportunity to develop their work while exchanging ideas and knowledge with a dynamic network of ceramic artists. Among national clay art centers, NCC offers an urban experience within a diverse and supportive community.

Gabrielle Gawreluk
A Study of Wayne Thiebaud’s
Cake Slices
, 2020, mid-fire red
clay, terra sigillata,
glaze, and house paint

Jacob Meer
Plate, 2019, stoneware with
flashing slip

Clarice Allgood
Make Yourself Useful, #9, 2020, porcelain

Anonymous Artist Studio Fellowships
Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Gawreluk creates functional and sculptural ceramics aiming to invoke sense memories of favorite foods and meals shared. Earning her BFA in 2017 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Gawreluk has been developing her practice steadily with Post-Baccalaureates at Montana State University (2019) and Colorado State University (2020); and as a short-term summer resident at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT. She plans to use her time at NCC to create a new body of work based on underappreciated kitchen tools and to instigate collaborations with a local chefs and food stylists.

Jacob Meer will use his residency to transition his work to low-fire soda firing and develop a new body of work. Meer has just finished a residency at the Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, FL. He has also been an apprentice to Simon Levin at Mill Creek Pottery in Gresham, WI, and holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Meer’s work is inspired by objects found in his grandparents’ home and the stories held within them. He works to create utilitarian work that showcases a story and the history of its making.

Fogelberg Studio Fellowship
Clarice Allgood is a 2019 graduate of NCC’s Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education (MN NICE) program) and has been a resident at Mark Shapiro’s Stonepool Pottery in Westhampton, MA. Her practice is informed by many disciplines. A pragmatic childhood and a formal education in philosophy underwrite her focus on the practical and ethical tools of everyday life. Allgood intends to use her residency to improve forms in her current repertoire including yarn bowls, watering pots, and bookends, while researching new forms for the current COVID era.

Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award
The Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award (WMAA) provides an opportunity for students and emerging artists to continue their ceramic research and education for a period of up to a year to further expand their professional development. During the grant year, recipients are provided with fiscal support to research a new technique or process, study with a mentor or in an apprenticeship setting, travel to other ceramic art centers or institutions for classes and workshops, collaborate with artists of other media, and travel.

The 2020 recipient of the WMAA is Ashton Keen.

Ashton Keen
Teapot on Stand, 2019, thrown red earthenware cone 3 soda fired white slip

Ashton Keen will use her WMAA to support her residency at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Koka, Japan where she will study traditional tea ceremony vessels and wood-firing techniques. Keen is a 2020 BFA graduate of the University of Mississippi, 2019 work study student at Arrowmont, and was awarded the 2nd Place Undergraduate Award for Excellence at NCECA 2019.

Red Wing Award
This award is made possible by the Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation, and is presented by Northern Clay Center to a deserving individual pursuing a career in pottery, or studying or researching the historical aspects of the pottery industry. The Foundation endeavors to broaden appreciation of pottery, past and present, for the general public and maintains the Red Wing Pottery Museum in Red Wing, Minnesota. This is the twelfth year in which the Clay Center has awarded the grant.

The 2020 recipient of the Red Wing Award is Emily Price.

Emily Price

Emily Price creates highly-decorated porcelain pieces, often with intricately detailed illustrations of fish, memento mori, and flowers. Her work has been exhibited around the country including in the 2019 Plate & Platter National at Carbondale Community Arts, Carbondale, IL. Price has also published an article on her decorating in Pottery Making Illustrated.


The 2020 emerging artist grant panel reflected a growing imperative to encompass divergent voice, experience, and approach to the material, as well as concepts relating to contemporary ceramic arts. Jurors thoughtfully weighed the goals and objectives of the respective programs and kept an eye toward supporting growth for the field at large.

The 2020 emerging artist panel was composed of:

  • Hyang Jin Cho, NCC’s Spring 2020 McKnight Resident Artist, is a ceramic sculptor, researcher, and author. Having developed her work and artistic voice at various academic and residency venues, Cho has exhibited work, completed residencies and projects, and published in Korea, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.
  • Michael Hunt built his studio and practice as a functional potter after immersing himself in residency, travel research, and an apprenticeship program with Onggi potter Oh Huang Jong. Hunt has taught numerous workshops at institutions like Penland School of Craft and exhibited his work in a multitude of exhibitions across the United States.
  • Ron Philbeck, a functional potter who has served as both instructor and demonstrating artist at numerous colleges, universities, and Institutions. Drawing influence from the Leach/Hamada lineage of potters, he has been an active maker for over twenty years.

Additional information, including application instructions for the 2021 awards, is available on our website