Community Interviews

NCC Live on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

We're really pleased to share this 'Live from NCC' edition of Ben Carter's Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast with you. Thanks to Eileen, Julianne, and Sam for the lively discussion with Ben and the audience.

Ben visited NCC in May, for this live taping of the podcast. He interviewed Eileen Cohen, Samuel Johnson, and Juliane Shibata in conjunction with the NCC Members Exhibition. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did hosting it!

Artist Interview: Laurie Shaman

One of the great joys in my work as the Sales Gallery Manager is having the opportunity to get to know the great clay makers we represent in the gallery. There are several artists from outside of Minneapolis with whom I have a steady, professional relationship, but really don’t know too much about. Laurie Shaman is one such artist.

Bill Gossman

Bill Gossman (BG) is a potter living in New London, MN.  His wood-fired stoneware has been sold through NCC’s gallery since 1996.  Sales Gallery Manager, Karen McPherson (KM), took an afternoon to speak with Bill about his path to clay, his travels around the globe, and his ongoing political career as mayor of New London. 

KM: How did you become a potter?

Restlessness: Jan McKeachie Johnston

Jan McKeachie Johnston (JMC) has been a Northern Clay Center year-round gallery artist since the organization formed in 1990.  She is a widely-respected potter whose stoneware forms range from tall, primitive baskets to squared, striped luncheon plates.  She lives in River Falls, WI, with her husband and fellow potter, Randy Johnston.  In January, Jan broke her tibia (shinbone).  Regaining mobility and function after such an incident is a long process.  NCC gallery manager Karen McPherson (KM) called on Jan at her home one month after her surgery.