Director's Report

Betty Woodman

The ceramics and broader art world lost one of the greats on January 2nd :  Betty Woodman, an inspiration to countless ceramic artists and a two-time NEA Fellow.

In 1999 Northern Clay Center had the pleasure of naming Ms. Woodman a Regis Master Artist, honoring her for her contributions to the development of 20th and 21st Century ceramics.

Summer Director's Report

“Did you have fun at NCECA?” just spilled out of the mouth of another curious Northern Clay Center constituent. Those of you who have attended the NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) conference know that while “fun” is the operative word for most attendees (I mean, how could you not have fun with thousands of your closest clay friends?), for those of us on the service side of the conference (with our offsite galleries and resource tables), there are other words seemingly more apropos.

Director's Report: Autumn 2016

The Autumn Newsletter marks the end of Northern Clay Center’s 25th year of operations—and the start of the next 25 years of magic! For many of us, the mid-twenties call to mind a time in which life was filled with possibility, learning, trial-and-error (and often success!), and the defining of some major life goals.

NCC Turns 25!

In the fall of 2015, Northern Clay Center entered its 25th year of existence. With almost 2.5 decades under our belt, the Center continues to change and grow, providing new and necessary services and support to artists, introducing the community (and the world!) to inventive approaches to the material, representing some of the most interesting and exciting makers in the country, and ensuring that kids of all ages, adults, and aging individuals have access to the material through our onsite and offsite education and outreach programs.

Director's report: Fall 2015

Northern Clay Center turns 25 years old! Help us celebrate our quarter-century anniversary year, which runs from fall of 2015 to summer of 2016, and honor the people who have made the organization the success it is today! Help launch NCC into the next 25 years of programming, and attend one of our anniversary events and/or make a donation to support our future programming.

How do we plan to commemorate this milestone anniversary? With some fabulous celebrations, of course! Mark your calendars for three amazing gatherings:

Director's report: Summer 2015

While this issue of the newsletter was in its infant stages of construction, half of NCC’s staff were a thousand miles away from our desks and computers, as we joined 5,000 of our closest clay friends at the 49th Annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA), in Providence, Rhode Island.

Director's report: Spring 2015

Happy Spring from Northern Clay Center!! We are excited about warming temps and about looking out our windows to see colors come back into the sepia-toned, wintery Minnesota world; we are anxious to get our hands in the dirt and start growing things and to get our hands in the clay to start making things to contain the growing things!