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Artist Spotlight: Candice Methe

“I am guilty of romanticizing the past.” 

Candice Methe’s work invokes a slower time, slower processes, and a slower way of life. Her philosophy is a vote for depth over breadth. It seems to be a guiding principle and it seems to be serving her well. We benefit from her methodology via consumption, visual or literally through acquisition, of her forms, which can be monumental odes to hand work and function.

Artist Spotlight: Linda Christianson

Linda Christianson might not know it, but she is something of a mythological creature in the folklore of contemporary American ceramics. She cuts a romantic picture of a lone woman skiing through the Minnesota woods, towing lumber to build her home and studio against a gorgeous sunset sparkling on the snows of the northland. Thankfully, Christianson is as real as the rest of us; and it is with her usual measure of generosity, mirth, and commitment to her craft that she has chosen to share some deep insights to her practice and a bit about her personal story with us.

Artist Spotlight: Karin Kraemer

Karin Kraemer grew up in Minneapolis and received a BFA in glass working with a minor in biology from St. Cloud State University in 1986. After graduation came the very familiar nomadic period many artists travail in pursuit of their goals. Kraemer has been a glass blower in Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. She moved to West Virginia, where she began to work in clay – pit-firing her work in her yard. Then, she worked for a couple of years at the University of West Virginia at a clay studio in a Morgantown craft shop.

Artist Spotlight: Liz Pechacek

Not all makers can successfully walk between the worlds of utilitarian pottery, sculpture, and jewelry. Liz Pechacek does and she does it articulately, with depth and aplomb as she incorporates a variety of handbuilding and slip-casting techniques. The coil and pinch method she uses to make her prototypes and larger works is a slow, deliberate process that allows her to react and adjust to the profile as she goes.

Artist Spotlight: Jan McKeachie Johnston

Jan McKeachie Johnston has a laugh that is instantly familiar. Her vessels carry familiarity too, when our hand grasps a basket her touch has shaped, our hand already knows the form. She has been active since 1979 teaching workshops and demonstrations while maintaining her studio practice in Wisconsin. For the past 15 years she has participated in distinguished exhibitions throughout the United States.

Artist Spotlight: SC Rolf

Today we turn our artist spotlight toward River Falls, WI, where Steve (SC) Rolf pursues the balance of two loves – clay and family. On a cool September morning, as the leaves start to turn, we shared an insightful conversation. One which will, hopefully, inform your use of his wares in your own pursuits.

Artist Spotlight: Kat Wheeler

Kat Wheeler is a potter from Knoxville, Tennessee. In 2008, she received her BFA in Ceramics from the Appalachian Center for Crafts at Tennessee Tech University. While working towards her degree, Wheeler worked part-time for two established studio potters, Peter Rose and Judy Brater. Under their guidance, she helped fire the wood kiln and maintain the studio while learning studio practice and production techniques. 


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