Bede Clarke
Columbia, Missouri

Bede Clarke has been a Professor of Art at the University of Missouri since 1992.  He received his Master of Fine Arts from The University of Iowa (1990) and a BFA from Eckerd College (1982). He currently maintains a studio in Columbia, Missouri, where he produces his ceramic artwork and continues to exhibit worldwide.  Bede says, “It seems natural that given a restless spirit and a creative discipline one should get into a lot of mischief.  I guess I don’t separate pots by how they were fired or made, but by the feeling they occupy — their ‘being’.  I am on friendly terms with wood kilns and electric kilns, high fire and low fire.  No matter the technique, it really only holds merit if it leads to ‘good’ pots, and for me good pots are not defined by a technique, but most often by a healthy balance of energy/wildness and restraint/firmness.  I have always thought pots are a lot like people.”