Participating Artists

APF 2018 Participating Artists

Each year, the artist roster includes national artists we rarely see in this area, local artists we want to see more of, and emerging artists who spark our interest. 2018’s artist roster is no different and promises to provide a wide range of voices in clay as well as learning opportunities. The festival always presents the chance to engage with artists through image presentations, workshops, gallery chats, and panel discussions.

Confirmed artists: Birdie Boone, Pattie Chalmers, Sam Chung, Amanda Dobbratz, Jil Franke, Bianka Groves, Guillermo Guardia, AL Holen, Maggie Jaszczak, Tom Jaszczak, Kirk Lyttle, David MacDonald, Ron Meyers, Brenton Pafford, Doug Peltzman, David Peters, Austin Riddle, Ted Saupe, Andy Shaw, Sue Tirrell, Kurt Webb, and Betsy Williams.