Selling/Donating Collections

NCC accepts donations and works on commission for secondary market sales. Collectors, corporations, and artists who have long been collecting great work over the years are ready to narrow their focus or thin our their collections, and ultimately find new homes for some much loved, but no longer needed pots. Northern Clay Center is a natural resource for such individuals, given our reputation, gallery experience, and customer relationships. 


Northern Clay Center’s goal for secondary market sales is to raise revenue for our artist services and education programs.  Older pots from noted local and national artists also provide an opportunity to educate our students and clay community on a particular technique and an artist’s contribution to the field of ceramics.


Those interested in working with NCC to donate or sell work outright or through commission should speak to Tippy Maurant, Director of Galleries and Events: or 612-339-8007 x300.

Policies and Fine Print

Secondary market pottery may be accepted by NCC for later re-sale in one of three ways:

  1. Donation: The piece is donated outright to the Clay Center.  All sales or auction proceeds go to support Northern Clay Center’s programming.  NCC decides when and how the work is re-distributed.

  2. Commission: Items may be purchased from the current owner at 50% (or less) of a reasonable market retail price. Estates and larger groupings of work may be purchased this way. Should these items be later sold via live, in-gallery or online auction, any funds secured over the suggested retail price go directly to Northern Clay Center.

  3. Purchased Outright: Northern Clay Center may offer to pay outright for a piece(s) to sell or auction at a later date. Purchase price will be approved by the Director of Galleries and Events and the Director.


Not all objects are appropriate for re-sale by NCC.  We reserves the right to refuse a particular donation or specific objects for re-sale due to quality, technical deficiencies, or maker.  The Director of Galleries and Events and the Director will collectively determine which objects are appropriate for re-sale or auction. 


The rec•ol•lect sale at Northern Clay Center brings together buyers and sellers, all the while raising revenue for NCC’s artist services program.  NCC's secondary market sale showcases select objects (both older and more contemporary) from various private and personal collections. 100% of proceeds from these sales support a variety of opportunities for emerging artists, including the Emerging Artist Residencies, which now annually provide two artists with a fully-subsidized studio space and a modest firing/materials stipend. Additionally, exhibiting older pots from noted local and national artists provides us with an opportunity to educate our students and clay community on a particular technique and an artist’s specific contribution to the field of contemporary ceramics.

Interested in donating your pots for this particular sale?  

Please contact NCC’s director of galleries and events, Tippy Maurant at 612.339.8007 x300 or

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