Digital Image Submission

Label images in the preferred order of viewing. Please do not display your name on the image. Images will be projected on the wall and viewed one at a time. Image files should be labeled with last name, first initial, and numbers, indicating your preferred viewing order (example: doej1.jpg).  Do not include any other information in the filename.  For all grant applications, please include 10 images.

Images should be saved in JPEG format at 96 pixels per inch (ppi). Each image should not measure greater than 1024 pixels along the image's longest dimension. Image files can be a maximum of 2 MB each.

Accompanying image text should be saved as a PDF and should include the following:
a. Title of work
b. Year created
c. Size (height by width by depth in inches)
d. Medium

Technical questions should be directed to Northern Clay Center at or contact Amanda Dobbratz at 612.339.8007 x315.

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