Special Topics

  1. Kitchen Satellites to Love

    Tuesdays, 1 - 4 pm
    September 19 - December 5
    Instructor: Chris Singewald
    You have a good handle on throwing cylinders, cups/mugs, and bowls, and we are so proud of you! Now, let’s expand your vocabulary Learn More

  2. Combine Your Efforts

    Saturdays, 1 - 4 pm
    September 16 - December 2
    Instructor: Claire O'Connor
    There is no ONE best way to make pottery. Multiple approaches can be creatively rewarding and provide the path to functional, interesting, beautiful, provocative works. Learn More

  3. CANCEL: The Face of Function

    Wednesdays, 1 - 4 pm
    September 13 - October 18
    Instructor: Glynnis Lessing
    Surface decoration can be anything you do to the surface of your work and there are countless ways to do embellish functional wares. Learn More


  4. WAITLIST: Soda-Firing Methods

    Thursdays, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
    September 14 - December 4
    Instructor: Emily Murphy
    Meet in the studio with Emily Murphy to discuss soda techniques and requisite materials during seven class sessions, with three private, open studio times for you to implement and develop these ideas. Learn More


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