Volunteer for APF 2017!

NCC loves our volunteers! There are several ways and times that you can get involved to help make this year's American Pottery Festival a success--from helping prepare food, to arranging pots in the gallery. Most shifts are two hours long and are in the following areas:

  • Prep the party space--dress for a mess and get ready to do some deep cleaning!
  • Help in the kitchen--from chopping to pizza-baking, from breakfast to cocktail receptions, we need YOUR skills!
  • Pretty up the gallery--picture feather dusters and flowers.
  • Work the party--bring your hosting skills and serve treats, stash pots on the hold shelf, or assist at check out.
  • Tidy up and shut 'er down--a good party deserves a great clean-up crew.


Please mark all roles that interest you.
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